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Aluminum tubes for refrigerator and air conditioner evaporator

Avers LLC. is the official distributor of the Russian manufacturer of aluminum and alloy tubes. We offer two types of tubes: welded flat oval and round extruded tubes.



Multilayer Aluminum Welded Flat Oval Tubes

Tubes are manufactured on the line of SCHOLER GmbH, Germany. SCHOLER is one of the world's leading suppliers of automated production lines for welded flat oval pipes.


Welded pipes are used in radiators and charge air coolers. The peculiarity of welded pipes in the used raw material is a 3-layer tape made of aluminum alloys, with improved anti-corrosion characteristics.

Manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials are world leaders in the field of rolled aluminum from Germany, Sweden and France.

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The use of this material contributes to the creation of more compact and lighter radiators and charge air coolers.

Welded tubes, due to their geometry, remove and dissipate heat much more efficiently than round shapes, which allows you to create more compact cooling devices. All these advantages make it possible to actively replace and displace the round pipe in industry.

The pipes are delivered in corrugated boxes made of seven-layer cardboard. To exclude the movement of pipes, shock absorbers are used to compensate for the void in the height, length and width of the box. The length of the pipes is set in the customer's specifications.

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Round thin-walled pipes made of aluminum and alloys

QIEFENG China Production Lines



 The main features and advantages of the produced type of pipes are the minimum wall thickness, the absence of a welded seam, the possibility of production in the form of a microchannel profile of any cross section and the release of unmeasured length. The round pipe is a component part for such products as evaporators, radiators, convectors, air conditioners and other products where refrigerant or air circulation is required. Pipe diameter and wall thickness differ depending on the application. The minimum diameter can be 4.5mm, the wall thickness is less than 0.5mm.

These products find their application in both civil and defense industries. The main consumers are manufacturers of household and industrial refrigeration units, shipbuilders, and the automotive industry.

The production of aluminum pipes is carried out according to the conform technology developed by the British company BWE. Today, in the production of aluminum pipes, this technology is the least energy-consuming and most cost-effective.

The pipes are delivered in coils with ordered winding. One coil - one solid pipe. Coil dimensions and packaging are made in agreement with the customer



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