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Non-ferrous metal products

Our company offers a wide varity of products from more than 140 alloys on the basis of copper, nickel, zinc etc. The main products are extruded and drawned bars of round, hexagonal, square and special shaped cross-section; round and rectangular wire; collector strips; bus-bars, anodes, casting and master alloys, powders, and cables.

The output products are widely used in various industries such as electrical, power engineering, metallurgical, machine-building, shipbuilding chemical, petroleum refining, automotive industries, instrument engineering, aviation.

The process technology of metal working includes melting, casting, extruding, rolling, and drawing processing performed with high-tonnage equipment. The factory for the production of these products has its own laboratory which carries out quality control of the products by means of the modern test machines and reliable metrological equipment.

We offer high-quality products that meet the requirements of international (DIN, EN, BS) and Russian standards.

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